Betfair Poker Room Review


Betfair poker room is not a part of any poker network. It functions as an independent poker room that is owned and administered by the Prestigious Poker Exchange Ltd. This conglomerate has earned the reputation of being the biggest player in the arena of sports exchange.

The players enjoy several benefits when they play in this poker room. Players are eligible to earn my poker points by playing a stipulated number of games which maybe tournaments or plebian ring games. The motto is very simple. The more games played by the poker players the number of points earned increase. These points can help the players participate in various tournaments or they can even purchase merchandise like chips, cards and so on.

This site values their existing poker players and is incessantly attracting new players as well. They offer a private service to all the poker players so that they do not leave this site in search of greener pastures. However this room is very special for other reasons as well. They pamper their best players and they treat all the players with care. Players are treated to customized and unique deals which are absent on other sites.

It is now an important and a stable player in the European online poker circuit. The software is constantly upgraded and this enhances the playability on the site. The easy-to-use software has incredible features like diminished view of multi-tables, excellent graphics and players can play at fifteen tables simultaneously. The poker buddy option enables the players to view their hand histories. The ring game traffic of the room is one thousand two players which is reasonable as per the industry standard.

There are alluring tournaments at this poker site which attracts umpteen poker players to register on this site. A reward of $4 million can be earned every month by players by playing tournaments on this site.

Players can only play the legendary Texas No Limit Holdem and Omaha at this site. The players have complained the software gets slow and confusing at times. This site does not entertain any players from USA. The software is available in seven different languages and the long list of registered players and new additions everyday speak volumes about the popularity of the site. There is a lot of action on the poker tables. The incessant betting, multi table playing, dazzling tournaments make it a popular site.

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