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Importance of Expected Value in Poker

Although they’re quite similar, EV or expected value should never be confused with equity. In a nutshell, the expected value is the money you’re either going to win or lose in a bet (in this case, when you’re playing poker). The +EV or positive expected value is computed by multiplying the money you’re going to win […]

Poker Strategy in Shorthanded Games

The action in shorthanded games frighten a lot of poker players. If you are the kind of player who wants to wait for premium hands to act, then you cannot win these games. In shorthanded poker games the blinds go around faster, making decisions are very difficult, and the weaknesses and strengths of players are […]

Betfair Poker Room Review

Betfair poker room is not a part of any poker network. It functions as an independent poker room that is owned and administered by the Prestigious Poker Exchange Ltd. This conglomerate has earned the reputation of being the biggest player in the arena of sports exchange.

Is Poker Just Luck?

Is poker a game of luck or strategy? Many people consider it to be luck since you are randomly dealt the cards that you hold, while others say it is strategy because you choose the cards you keep and toss those that are of no interest to you. With that being said, it seems fair […]

Poker Tips To Keep Your Chip Stack High

Like in any other game, you strive to be a better poker player. If you play on a weekend with friends or you make poker a lifestyle or a profession, you definitely don’t want to lose those chips. Here are some tips or rules of thumb when trying to become a better poker player:

Razz Poker

While large chunk of casual poker players are quite accustomed with Texas Hold Em, lots of online card rooms give a plenty of different types of games for players to partake in addition to it. One such game is the Razz. Theoretically speaking, Razz is played in an identical manner to Seven Card Stud. The […]