Poker Tips To Keep Your Chip Stack High


Like in any other game, you strive to be a better poker player. If you play on a weekend with friends or you make poker a lifestyle or a profession, you definitely don’t want to lose those chips. Here are some tips or rules of thumb when trying to become a better poker player:

Know When to Play the Hand, Know When to Fold. As a beginner, you want to play poker and you have this tendency to play every hand in front of you. This will be good if you always win but you may end up losing money. Look at the scenario and fold if the stake of losing it is a bit high. As you go along, you will learn what are the best starting hands for you.

Don’t Drink and Play. It’s not that you don’t have fun while playing but remember that you need to be sharp so you will be bringing the pot home. A few drinks may help you relaxed but it might also mean you playing loosely. Step on the brakes with those glasses and keep your eye on the table and your hands to your card.

Just Bluffing for the Sake of Bluffing is a No-no. Beginners might think of bluffing as a necessary skill in poker. This is true but it there are situations when bluffing best applies. You don’t just bluff for the sake of bluffing. Always remember that other poker players can read you and you may just end up giving away those chips.

Skip the Game when in a Bad Mood. You don’t want to start on a tilt. You might just play very emotional when you had a rough day at home or at work. During a game, if you feel that you are on a tilt, take a breather by standing up and release all the tension in you.

Pay Attention. Pay attention to your cards and to the cards on the table. It will also be best if you can learn how to read other players since this can be to your advantage. Observe when other players check, bet, win, or lose since your game will depend on how you read them.

Creating an Unfair Game in Your Advantage

Why any one would want to cheat in a game if they believe they cannot win without that? Though cheating is an easy way to resort to and make easy money online. But just ask yourself, would you enjoy spending the money you earned via cheating. Is no is the answer?

Cheating is not fair at all. The dare in the game is to win over others by your own methods, intelligence and luck. When you have got so much to play with, then why cheat? When there are a set of pre defined rules made in order to have a smooth run on the game, then what is the need to include some un-authorized rule, just to win.

If people want to win, they should believe in themselves and take their chances as they get. As it’s suitably said “all’s fair in love and war” but poker is no war neither is it love. So why cheat and make the game iniquitous.

By cheating, players not only make their own games dirty but also the table they are currently playing on.

Poker is a game and may the best man always win. A player who actually has the skills and talent to win the game, one who believes in himself and feels he can crack the game without any extra-terrestrial help is the real winner, whether or not he wins in the end.

Thus cheating may be a luring trend but in the end not only the trickster suffers but also the spirit of the game. So just keep the spirit high and play fair.


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